Our Vision

We envision a church where everyone feels welcomed—where the “not okay,” the skeptic, and those longing/seeking to know and experience more of Jesus Christ feel connected.

We envision a church that preaches the Truth in love, leaving no doubt that Jesus Christ is All. We don’t want people to leave saying, “What a great church,” but “What a great God; what a great Savior.”

We envision a church with weekend experiences that focus on Jesus Christ through the message, and responds rapturously through worship, praise, and action. We see weekend worship powerfully uniting and influencing the weekly life and ministries of Grace.

We envision a church where Christ is the center of marriages and families. We see the people and ministries of Grace extending the healing power of Jesus for strength, support, and reconciliation in homes. We see parents discipling their children, biblical leadership in homes, and families on exciting mission together for God.

We envision a people who don’t just come to church to worship, but who come worshipping to church. We see a people who daily unplug from the noise of the world, who read God’s Word and let God’s Word read them, who pray faithfully and unceasingly, who eagerly walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We envision a church where no one is lonely. We see a people who suffer, celebrate, and serve together. We envision a people who connect in transparent and authentic community, through smaller groups and teams in the church, who care for one another and grow spiritually together.

We envision a people who live for eternity. We see a people so moved by the first love of God, and so captivated by the heart and mission of Jesus, that they respond with sacrificial giving of their financial resources.

We envision a people who refuse to be church consumers. We see a people who are “all-in,” lavishly using their gifts and giving their time to serve the Grace family and ministries.

We envision a church where people live on mission as a way of life. We see a people who boldly share their story of Jesus’s salvation that others may know Him, and sacrificially invest themselves that others may grow in Him.

We envision a people who express the love of Christ through intimate involvement within local communities. We see a church who so loves people that communities would weep at the thought of Grace being no more.

We envision a people who catch the spectacular view of God’s redeeming love for the world. We see a church compelled by this vision to take the truth and hope of the Gospel into Orange County, the Northeast, and overseas by encouraging, raising up, and releasing leaders to do so.

We envision Revival, where Jesus Christ is adored, the Spirit of God frees, lost from God are found, faith and repentance flow, praise and prayer erupt, lives and communities are transformed, love and joy fill hearts, freedom overwhelms, believers are empowered, barriers are broken down, the hungry are fed, needs are met, marriages are restored, families are reunited, sick minds and bodies are healed, and prodigals come home!

Statement of Faith

Would you like to find out more about the theology and beliefs of Grace? Just click to view a PDF of our “Statement of Faith.” Our Church is based on the truth and power of God’s Word. We’d love to share with you what we believe.

Our Values

The Truth

We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is central to all preaching, teaching, leadership, and ministry. We will be known as a church that boldly loves, shares, and lives the message of Scripture.


Jesus Christ is the center of our lives and church. Life and ministry are less about our accomplishments for God, and more about what God is accomplishing in us and through us as we abide in Him. Ministry, creativity, and leadership flow from the place of personal dependence on and passion for Jesus, our First Love.


We seek unity not merely for the sake of unity, but for the health and greater good of the church, and for the sake of the Gospel. We will navigate conflict with truth in love, managing tension without being disagreeable, as our leadership stewards the mission of Jesus and the vision of the church.


We all stand on common ground. We will walk authentically on the same journey, even if at different places on the journey. We will be real with each other about our doubts, struggles, sin, and victories, humbly inviting accountability for our lives.


We will seek out and build into trustworthy people for leadership roles in the future life of Grace Community Church.


We will proactively invest our life experience and faith journey in others so that they might grow in life and faith.


We will guard against mission-drift as a church. Any endeavor will be intentionally filtered through Grace’s mission, vision, values, and strategy.


We will develop a culture that understands, and is understood by, the world around us. We will communicate, create, and minister in ways that thoughtfully connect with people.


We will give the best we have for the best there is—Jesus. For God’s glory, our good, and other’s joy, we will never settle.


We will not make decisions based on fear. Even if it sounds crazy, if it is Spirit led, we will trust the Holy Spirit, hold hands, and go for it.


We will joyfully sacrifice our time, talent, and treasure to do whatever it takes to honor God, disciple the people of God, and reach those far from God.


We, the Church, will always look beyond ourselves to find ways to show kindness, love, and grace to every person we encounter regardless of their lifestyle, background, or issues.