NextGen Ministries sees students as an incredibly unique and moldable generation of young men and women. Given the proper investment, we believe students will be able to Gospelize their school and communities in amazing ways! Many people like to refer to students at the church of tomorrow. In NextGen, we believe that they’re the church of TODAY!


Our ministry specifically for 5th and 6th graders

This age group (please eliminate the word “tween”) faces unique challenges as they make the leap from elementary school into middle school. NG56 is tailored to help them do just that! We want to help them adjust, both spiritually and socially, to the challenges ahead. We engage them with relevant teaching on Sundays as well as connecting in various activities throughout the year. Meeting times will vary from campus to campus so be sure to check your campus’ page for times and details.


The place to be for 7th-12th graders

In addition to our weekend student worship services, group activities and mid-week small groups are also held regularly (times vary at each campus). Annual retreats are offered for both our 5th-8th graders (fall) and our 9th-12th graders (winter), as well as multiple activities both for social connection and service opportunities. Be sure to connect with your campus’ NextGen Director for up to date information.

Contact Person

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Jadner Lugo

Washingtonville Campus
NextGen Director

Scott Cheney

Newburgh Campus
NextGen Director

Joe Retherford

Middletown Campus
NextGen Director

Will Miedema

Warwick Campus
NextGen Director