Vacancy, Recruiting, & Onboarding

The below forms are to be used for making changes to your existing staff, either volunteer leaders or employees. Please note that these forms do not have to be completed at the same time:

  • Vacancies/newly created positions should be reported immediately using Step 1: Open Requisition Form.
  • Once the candidate has been identified, all information should be submitted on Step #2: New Staff Requisition.

The below forms with the online application, background check, confidentiality agreement, and signed GCC Policies will be required to receive their start date/date of hire from Human Resources.  If you have a candidate in mind, send them to to complete all required documents.

If you have any questions or need assistance with recruiting, please feel free to email or call 845-576-0734.


Start here if… 

  • Someone resigned, paid or unpaid staff.
  • You’ve received approval for a new position.
  • If someone leaving a role and transferring into a different role, paid or unpaid.

Start here if…

  • You’ve already submitted an OPEN POSITION REQUISITION and
  • you have a candidate you wish to hire (employ).
  • you have a candidate you wish to recruit as staff (volunteer leader).
  • You are onboarding an intern or temporary employee.

Supplemental Forms

Direct further questions to


Start here if…

  • you are altering a staff person’s title, paid or unpaid.
  • you are altering a job description
  • you are adjusting paid hours.
  • you are adjusting a pay rate.
  • Changing their name (marriage, divorce, etc.)
  • Converting a volunteer position to paid position.

Start here if…

  • you are onboarding an intern or temporary staff person.
  • also complete the Step#2: New Staff Requisition to inform us of file access or other IT needs.
  • have the intern complete the Confidentiality Agreement, Background Check, and GCC Workplace Policies at
  • upload any signed internship contracts from the school, college, or vocational program outlining program expectations.
  • upload any associated departmental job description, if applicable.